Cyber Intelligence Analysts

Whatever your business, whether it's a multinational corporation, a local council or simply a small business, data drives every decision you make, so it's imperative your data is accurate, fit for purpose and secure.

As software engineers, with extensive international experience across a raft of disciplines and technologies, specialising in data architecture, storage and access, we have the expertise to help you better understand your data, find and resolve issues and make it secure by design.


Must be secure, accurate and timely.

Data Architecture

Must be secure by design, fit for purpose, extensible and easily understood.

Data Access

Must be governed, monitored and appropriate.

Business Intelligence

The heart of commercial decision making

Data Quality

Accurate information is the cornerstone of good decisions and good business
Kieran O.
"well documented, resilient software solutions"
Sante D.
"Complex data/architecture design, discovery, impact assessments and other data analysis work"

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