Data Security

What is data security?

Data Security is the process of keeping data safe and secure from unauthorised access including protection from attacks that can destroy or encrypt it, such as ransomware.

Lawsuits, settlements, and fines relating to data breaches are on the rise due to the various inadequacies associated with storing data. In Europe the General Data Protection Rights are the toughest in the world and organisations that experience data breaches are not simply fined an arbitrary amount but a portion of their turnover. As a result, many governments, including Australia, have introduced similar stringent regulations.

At present many businesses are required to adhere to specific data protection regulations ensuring sensitive data is highly secure, health care providers for example, but even when there is no regulated compliance, there is a moral one. In fact, the very survival of the modern business depends on data security.

Data security is not simply protecting the data itself with controlled access, antivirus and storing data in a secure manner, it is also the protection of all the processes involved in its capture and usage. At the same time the data must be appropriate, accurate and timely.

Over time it is inevitable that information systems degrade. Modifications are required to stay competitive and all too often they do not conform to best practices and result in unforeseen side-effects - vulnerabilities.

With extensive experience across the entire IT spectrum we have the know-how to identify risk in all its forms, which can range from poorly developed software through to poorly designed architecture and business processes.

Whatever your needs – whether new development, modifications, a data migration, analysis or reverse engineering to help you better understand your systems, help with a merger, demerger or an acquisition, or simply a second opinion on your plans, we can help.

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